"Working with Marc at Langmanager has been an incredibly smooth encounter. His experience has helped guide us in developing a piece of software that is rapidly proving itself to be a valuable part of our daily business. Langmanager has allowed us to automate many tasks which frees staff time to focus on the finer details of our bookings and help deliver a service to our customers that exceeds expectations. Throughout the entire process Marc has provided transparent communication and has always operated in a professional, yet warm and friendly manner

The Langmanager software itself is flexible enough that it has been customised to fit our specific needs. Starting from a basic platform we have been able to rapidly develop Langmanager into a piece of technology that we would be lost without! December 2012"
James Bichan
Manager of Interpreting Services, iSign, Auckland, New Zealand
"The development and use of the Langmanager system has been very well received by our clients and us as an organisation. The system is very user friendly with any issues we experience dealt with quickly. We are happy with the system and find the staff at Langmanager great to work with. May 2010"

Patricia Galliford
Marketing & Communications Officer
Deaf Services Queensland
"I can't imagine how we did this before Langmanager nor how we could do it now without it, April 2009".

Linda Ross
Founding Partner of Hallenross and Associates, Sunbury, Ohio, USA
"The Langmanager team have provided us with a state-of-the-art system that has considerably enhanced our Australian Sign Language Interpreting service. We had been running with a DOS database system for many years which did not have the capability to serve our future needs. Langmanager converted our data and opened up a new world of usability for our deaf clients, organizations and interpreters.

We have been very impressed by their technical expertise, quick response and understanding of our requirements. We provide and manage interpreting services to the hearing and deaf community in Victoria. We make over 10,000 bookings per year using the services of over 130 interpreters. Our customers love the ability to self register, enter new bookings and review bookings over the web. Interpreters can see all their commitments and update their availability over the web from home.

We can now send SMS from the system to interpreters to invite them for bookings, and confirmations if they are selected. Customers can receive confirmations by fax or email. We have many useful management reports and many time saving features.

Overall we have been very satisfied with system and its implementation and already can see very tangible benefits to our organisation and the wider community. March 2006"
Marc Curtis
Manager of Interpreting Services, Victorian Deaf Society, Australia

"The Deaf Society of NSW Interpreting Service has greatly benefited from Langmanager's provision of an online booking application. The online system provides an increased degree of professionalism to our service and has made many administrative processes more efficient.

Interpreters are able to access information on their assignments easily and our clients are pleased to be able to book online as well as check on the status of their bookings. June 2007"
Sheena Walters
Manager, Interpreting and Advocacy

"We have been using Langmanager at Western Australia Deaf Interpreting Services (DIS) for over three months. We have seen a steady reduction in the workload of our staff as our customers start to use the system to make their bookings. The Langmanager product has been fully customized for our unique approach in providing services to the deaf community, and the Langmanager team have helped us tremendously to achieve this.

Overall the running of our service for the benefit of our customers, deaf consumers and interpreters is now much more efficient and easier to operate, October 2007"
Sarah Morton
Booking Officer, Deaf Interpreter Service

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