We provide a range of services to ensure a smooth and reliable implementation of Langmanager:

Accounting software
Langmanager is currently integrated with many popular accounting systems. As part of our customisation service, we also offer support for integration with most modern accounting systems, subject to their support for data import. These requirements are reviewed with each implementation.

Business rules
Most interpreting organisations have unique rules for determining interpreter availability, charge out rates, payment rates and various other factors. Many Langmanager customers also require unique reporting requirements. Customisation of the system is extremely flexible and these services are quoted upfront to provide you with a total solution cost.

Hosted solutions
We provide a total hosted solution option that includes all costs of use of the system. This service is installed and managed by ourselves and backed by support from major quality Internet service providers. Alternatively, we provide support for hosting with your chosen hosting provider and will collaborate with them to ensure smooth installation and support.

We offer security consulting and implementation services according to your specific network environment and organisation requirements. This is particularly useful when organisations wish to host the application on their own network and integrate with the Langmanager database. We provide firewall, content filtering and operating system solutions to ensure a safe and reliable service.

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