Langmanager has many features that are best appreciated when experienced hands on. Please request a demo so that we can show you more!


For your managers
  • Monitor workload, staff responsiveness and customer activities.
  • Review efficiency of booking processes.
  • Customise the system as business processes are changed.
  • Generate web based reports in real time.
  • Change look up values, rates and other system variables.
  • Authorise users and maintain interpreter skills and availability.
  • Convert many manual operational procedures into real-time automated processes.
For your staff
  • Enjoy an easy to learn and great user interface.
  • Use many methods to search for bookings, customers and interpreters.
  • Automatically email or fax customers for confirmations and cancellations.
  • Automatically email or SMS interpreters for invitations, confirmations and cancellations. This may be done in batch mode to include many interpreters with ease.
  • Optionally email or SMS non-English speaking or deaf consumer for confirmations.
  • Match interpreters to bookings while preventing overlaps, checking unavailability and previous refusals all automatically.
  • Assign and un-assign interpreters with simplified processing.
  • Duplicate bookings for a series of dates without the need for rekeying data.
  • Easily cancel bookings individually or in a group
  • View comprehensive daily, weekly and monthly interpreter schedules with booking drill down functionality.
  • List all unassigned bookings and perform batch operations for booking assignment, refusals and matching.
  • Easily filter, sort and query all lists, including for example, staff bookings.
  • Group bookings together for group updates or cancellations.
  • Delay confirmation messages and send them later at your own request. This assists with flexible adjustment of interpreter schedules.
  • Easily navigate the menus and context sensitive dialog screens with minimal drill down.
  • Assign multiple contacts to a customer and add more on the fly.
  • Identify bookings entered by customers with highlights and alerts.
For your accountant
  • Langmanager is integrated with many popular accounting systems and others can be accommodated. This avoids duplication of entry.
  • Customer updates and new customers can also be imported into accounting systems.
  • Fully integrated calculation of fees to customers and payments to interpreters.
  • Report of invoices in a batch for checking prior to importing.
  • Report of interpreter earnings to verify contractor invoices.
  • Access to Langmanager to update fees and payment rates etc.
  • Interpreter earnings can be output as purchase orders for accounting systems that cater for this
For your customers
  • Save time by self-registering and entering bookings on-line or create a new booking by copying details from an old one.
  • Review your own full booking history.
  • Maintain your own lists of organisation contact people.
  • Reports of bookings for an organisation
For your interpreters
  • Review and print your own assigned bookings at any time in full screen or calendar format.
  • Maintain your time availability for general and exception times.
  • Block out your unavailable times or days with flexible options.
  • Maintain your own details including accreditations, skills and resources.
  • Interpreter training and policy documents can be viewed online if required.


  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Powerful messaging improves communication with customers and interpreters
  • Give your company a professional web presence.
  • Increase staff productivity.
  • Facilitate growth of your organisation with better tools.
  • Ensure greater accuracy of data.
  • Minimise training requirements and increase staff awareness.
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